Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to some of the most common questions we receive from passengers and their friends. If you can’t find an answer to a question you are looking for then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be back in touch as soon as possible.

General Questions about CruiseTraka

Can I use CruiseTraka if I am not on Facebook or Twitter?

Yes, CruiseTraka will let you send cruise updates via email. Each update is presented as a postcard showing the photo you have taken along with your comment. They are sent to a list of email addresses that you can setup within the App.

Ship Tracking

Is the location of my ship displayed in ‘Real-Time’?

For passengers using the CruiseTraka app your ship’s location will be shown in real-time as long as you have granted permission for the CruiseTraka App to use location services on your device. This is normally done during the initial setup steps after installing the CruiseTraka App on your mobile device.

Passenger’s friends will generally see your real-time location on the on-line tracking map however at certain stages throughout your cruise there may be a delay in updating your current location.